William McNeely Jr. is a loving mystic, a metaphysician dedicated to sharing and living in vibrational consciousness. A  Reiki master and  firewalker grounded in transcendental meditation, he performs as a solo artist and with  New Age musicians and groups. His music is dreamy, spacey and hypnotic.

Science and metaphysics have been his life study.  He has produced educational films, soundtracks for planetariums, spiritual cinema and meditation cds and has also been published in college textbooks. He is a world-class competitive swimmer and was inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame in Saint Lucie County, Florida, in 1999.

He offers workshops in ascension, sacred geometry, quantum physics, healing, transcendental meditation and past/future lifetimes. Speaking regularly at Unity and Science of Mind Churches, his talks awaken people to a universe filled with love and light and his mystical music takes people deep into meditation.

William is a music virtuoso expressing through many different instruments. Listeners come alive with his compositions that are designed to activate and enlighten the gentle, passionate rhythms of life. Committed to working with people on a spiritual level he has been a long-time facilitator for "A Course In Miracles" and transcendental meditation. He is guided in his music to create celestial frequencies that surround the multi-level body. Your magic carpet will take sail as you are carried away on the mesmeric waves of sound.



Atlantis          Chakra Frequencies

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"My thoughts are the Universe"